Feb 17, 2008


I photographed Judy on my last trip to San Francisco, continuing to shoot images for this series despite not really being happy with where it's going. I guess as long as you enjoy the process it's OK to not always be so tied to a goal...it's a hard thing for a results-oriented MBA to let go of. I met Nick Nixon at Mass Art last year and talked to him about this project and my lack of clarity around it. He says when he starts a project the endpoint is only about 15% defined in his mind; he just starts shooting and lets it go where it goes. In other words, he trusts himself.

Judy was nude in this shoot and half-way thru I decided to join her. That may seem weird and potentially uncomfortable to a female model alone in her apartment with a stranger, but to Judy's credit she wasn't threatened by it. My shoots are collaborative and making myself a bit more vulnerable helps further an intimacy between myself and my subject.

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