Jul 3, 2008

Anything to get the shot

What did I just say about not fully absorbing that creedo? Well how about staying with friends of Dung's in A Luoi and having to share the shitter with Arnold here?

Don't get me wrong, I like pigs and even though I miss the taste of sausage more than any other meat, I think they instinctively understand that I no longer have no dibs on their ribs. But when it comes to shared bathroom privledges, I do prefer a separation of pork and pie.

The people who are hosting us are gracious beyond belief, they serve great meals and even got us out of a little hot water with the local police. However this is the country and their one and only hole in the ground is in the pig pen. OK there is a partial wall so Wilbur can't actually come visit while you're squatting, but he and all his porcine buddies are right next door, squealing and snorting away.

Again, i like pigs -- they're cute, they're intelligent, they wag their curly tails like a dog when they're happy and they really don't smell all that bad. It's just their sense of privacy that stinks.

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