Sep 1, 2011

Julia Schlosser at CSUN

Julia Schlosser is not just my friend, fellow critique group member and foster mom to my two cats, she's also a talented photographer who draws on a strong background in art history to create unexpectedly compelling work. Her latest efforts are in video and on display now through September 24 at the Art and Design Center Gallery at Cal State Northridge.

Julia's show uses three video and sound tracks to create a tranquil yet mysterious environment within the gallery. You become immersed in her world and get to experience the rhythms of her daily life that feel anything but ordinary. A sense of voyeurism pervades and the tranquil oddity of it all left me feeling a bit off-balance. In other words—art.

I'll be at Julia's closing reception, stop by and let me know what you think of her work. T
he adjoining gallery is featuring a show of video and photography by Chinese artists Chen Qiulin and Weng Fen that I'm also excited to see.

Friday September 9, 5-7 pm
Cal State Northridge --  Art and Design Center Gallery
18111 Nordoff St, Northridge, CA  91330

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