May 23, 2012

It's showtime!

Huntington Avenue

Not that I'm counting, but this Thursday May 24th is the opening of my first show in Los Angeles! Or at least my first since my days with Gallery 825 in 2001-03. The show is at Galerie Rheeway in the Koreatown section of LA. The theme of the show is "recapture" and it highlights eleven artists who use the photograph as the starting point and then apply various techniques, from painting to sculpture to digital manipulation, to reinforce their concept.

I'll have four prints from my horizon series in the show, including the one above. Long-time readers will recognize this as the shot that took four visits before getting just the right weather. Astute readers in the crowd will ask, "What's he doing to these images to fit the theme of that show?" and the answer is I'm the counterpoint. Although I do sometimes remove distracting elements from my photos, for the most part my horizon prints are true to the original scene, including Huntington Avenue above. I'd rather go back to the scene four times to get what I want rather than spend hours in Photoshop to create artificial clouds and such. So while everyone else in the show painted, sculpted, folded, spindled or mutilated their photographs, mine are the "straight but not narrow" pause that refreshes.

The show runs until June 23rd, the opening is 6-9 pm this Thursday May 24th. I'm told that Galerie Rheeway has great food at their openings, so come early and get your kimchee on:

3525 W 8th St, #216
Los Angeles, CA 90005

(Galerie Rheeway is located in a shopping center, above a Korean Grocery store. The entrance is not on 8th, despite the address. Enter the shopping center parking lot from either Oxford or Serrano.)

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