Dec 7, 2011

Set to Infinity

Sounds like something Buzz Lightyear would say but actually it's where I've had my lens focused recently. Autofocus is overrated, sharp photos are too. Turn your focus to infinity and embrace fuzzy! The blur is mysterious and suggestive all at the same time. It lets your mind fill in the gaps and leaves room for possibility.

I'm especially intrigued with how blurry portraits obscure the details of our face but still offer an unmistakeable impression of a person. It's a good match for how my memory works. Rarely do I remember specific features on a person's face or the exact shape of their nose or angle of their eyebrows. What remains in my mind's eye is similar to this blur, an visual that's unique but not exact, and glowing with life.

For the multitudes of you out there who are reading this and know me, can you tell that the top photo is me?

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