Oct 26, 2012

A few shots

from a late-afternoon walk through Griffith Park the other day. Apologies as computer screens don't do well with dark images. Detail is lost in this first image and the results are a bit garish. The print is much more nuanced and subtle, just like the light at dusk when it was shot.

Trees and water tower, Griffith Park Los Angeles

The next is a "prospecting" shot for a new horizon image. I shoot all my horizon images with a 4x5 view camera and often find it useful (and cheaper) to take some digital test shots, live with them for a bit, then go back with the 4x5 to shoot the real deal. Sometimes I'm so convinced of the image that I don't need this extra step, but in this case I wanted to make two test prints, one with the upper "natural" part in sunlight, the other with it in shadow.

I didn't get there early enough for the entire top half of the frame to be lit, so you have to use your imagination to extend the sunlight all the way through the foliage, stopping right at the white cement.

The sunlight makes the image louder than the one below and I usually prefer quiet images with power. But the light also gives the top one a more dynamic feel as compared to the bottom which is more static.

Which do you prefer? "Neither" is an acceptable answer. Saying no is a huge part of the creative  process.

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