Aug 3, 2011

Huntington Avenue

I'm in the Bay Area at the San Bruno BART parking lot to shoot a "horizon" that I saw almost seven years ago.

If you know the weather in San Bruno you'll know how odd this sounds but it's too sunny right now to get what I want. However I thought I'd take some digitals to get a rough idea as to camera position. Amazing what a difference a few feet make.

The top photo was my first take as I thought that including the numbers would create more visual interest in the bottom of the frame. The bottom photo works so much better though as it's simpler and the uninterrupted white lines compel your eyes to the horizon line.

Photographers choose one scene at one moment to isolate something that's visually powerful. Sometimes choosing what *not* to include is what makes a shot work.

Now all I have to do is wait for more fog to roll in. Probably won't take another seven years for that.

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