Aug 9, 2011


Back in San Bruno to get this Horizon shot and damn if it isn't too sunny today. Grrr.

The Horizon series is about how the natural and the man-made simultaneously complement and contrast one another to make something unexpectedly beautiful.  While the top image is a nice shot with a blue sky, I think it's more compelling when the grays and whites of the parking structure reflect the grays and whites of the sky. At the same time I want the man-made half to have contrast and texture as a counterpoint to the soft diffusion of a foggy sky. That counterpoint requires direct sunlight on the bottom half while the sky is still foggy. I'm not at all opposed to making that combination in Pbotoshop but it's (usually) a lot easier to just get it right in the camera.

The bottom image I took from my car last week when I was here and there was so much mist from all the fog that I didnt even set up my 4x5.

So, patience. In the words of Scarlet O'Hara, "…tomorrow is another day."

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